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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Vista User Account Control

As A normal user of Vista i dont like vista User Account Control (UVC)
User Account Control can help prevent unauthorized changes to your computer.

how to completely stop appearing just do following step

1) click start button
2) go to control panel
3) User accounts program
4) click on Turn User Account Control on or off link
5) remove tick from check box. press ok
6) after restart you never face UAC

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

NTLDR is Missing

If your pc give the below error than do the below step to resolve error

NTLDR is Missing
Press any key to restart
Solution :-
1. Change your pc boot Priority and make first boot cd rom/dvd
2.than restart from cd and wait till it ask you for press r for Recovery
3. press r
4. choose which windows if you have more than one os install in your pc write the number and press enter key
5. provide your pc's administrator password and run below command to reslove the problem
copy e:\i386\ntldr c:\
copy e:\i386\
here, e:\ is the cd rom drive
if it ask for overwrite than press "y"
write exit press enter
than root from your hard disk
now window will start work
If you want more details below is the link

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Remote Desktop

Ultra VNC is one of the best tool for remote desktop as per my opinion . It gives us real desktop of the remote computer via Internet or LAN connection. It is Free.
For Downloading the setup of the Ultra VNC click below link
Ultra VNC

How to install Ultra VNC

The setup installs Ultra VNC Server and Viewer
It is really Good Software for network administrator.

Step:-1 Double click the setup icon. it will start installation first screen is like this press OK Button.

Step:- 2 press next button

Step: - 3 click on I accept the Agreement radio button than press next button

Step: - 4 press next button

Step:-5 press next button

Step:-6 press next button

Step:-7 Press next button until you get the below screen and click the check box shown as below screen.

It will automatically register the service and when you restart computer remotely it will automatically restarted so you can remotely login again.

Step:-8 press next button and next windows will ask for install press install button

Step: - 9 press next and finish button it will ask for password during the installation for VNC server don’t forget to provide password it is used for authentication while using the Ultra VNC viewer

Note: - you must install the Ultra VNC to the all computer which you want to use remotely.

How to Use the Ultra VNC

Press Start – all Programs – Ultra VNC – click on ultra VNC viewer icon

Write computer name or IP of the computer in the field of VNC server

Than, it will ask for password write the password of remote computer Ultra VNC server password.
And you will get your remote computer desktop screen in your computer.

Enjoy using Ultra VNC

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Speed Tester

Now a day Broadband is very popular in every where in the world.
with using the broadband internet we can access the website more faster than dial up

how to test the Broadband speed ?
i searched for speed tester and finally get two best site for speed tester site which i like most


b) zdnet

Friday, December 01, 2006

Show Desktop Button

 Show Desktop Button
Show desktop button is very usefull botton on the Quick launch toolbar. IF you press once it bring you the desktop to you and all open application is minimized and if you click it again all application is restore and you get your open application in front of you.
If the file accidentally corrupt or deleted, you can re-created or Restore it you can find the Show Desktop.scf file at blow path %UserProfile%\Application Data\microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch\show Desktop.scf
1) Restore the show desktop.scr file :- just open the other user profile and copy the      
    Show Desktop.scf and paste the file to above mention path. or
2)Re-create the Show Desktop.scf file:-
   a) Start Notepad, and write blow lines :-
    b) open file menu, select the save button  and save it to %user Profile%\Application Data\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Quick Launch folder  you must give the file name is Show Desktop.scf
Note :- it is for Windows xp and windows 2003 server.